The Y Plan Body Confidence – Fitness DVD Review

YMCA Fitness DVD for women
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The Y Plan Body Confidence workout has been created by Central YMCA who one of the UK’s leading fitness training groups. The exercises shared in this DVD have been developed over the last 20 years to give the best results in the shortest time.

The Workouts

The DVD is set out in a logical order that takes you through a whole workout. So the first workout is an aerobic warmup workout that is very easy to follow.

There are 6 different workouts on the DVD, each lasting 10 minutes. This means that you can put together your own 20-30 minute workouts each week, and change the order and the workouts to create your own personal training session.

The 6 Body Confidence Workouts

  • 1. Tighten and Tone – bodyweight exercises to build strength
  • 2. Body Sculpt – These exercises are done with resistance bands or weights , or without any resistance.
  • 3. Cardio-Kick – This is not the best part of the video. It uses moves from Kickercise classes to get you doing martial arts style exercises.
  • 4. Aerobics – this classic cardio workout is certainly one the highlights of this video.
  • 5. Dance – This is one of the more difficult workouts to master as you need to be well coordinated to follow the dance moves.
  • 6. Pilates – 10 minutes of effective Pilates exercises to help shape and tone.

The workouts are designed to be done with little or no equipment. With several exercises you are invited to use dumbbells or to hold a water bottle in each hand.

The workouts ensure that the whole body is exercised using a combination of high energy movements to burn fat and slow bodyweight movements to tone muscles.

The DVD allows you to exercise at several different intensities so that you can work at your own pace and then progress as you get fitter and lose weight. For example for press ups 3 versions a demonstrated at once, the box press up, the three quarter press up and the full press up.

The DVD also features fitness expert and author Caroline Sandry, who explains her approach to fitness:

“I am passionate about helping people change their lives through fitness. With these simple but effective 10-minute workouts, we are giving people the tools they need to position exercise in their busy lives”.

This DVD also provides an exercise tips and advice, as well as a behind-the-scenes documentary.

This is a good home fitness workout that will get you fit and toned if you persevere with it. Do a little every day and within a few weeks you will start to see some good changes to your body shape and weight.

Caroline Sandry is a fully qualified Pilates and yoga teacher and personal trainer, having worked with many celebrities including actresses, models and pop stars.

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