Some Of The Top Mountain Bike Trails In The UK

The 2011 Durty Scottish Cross Triathlon Championships
Tibbie Shiels by St Mary’s Loch, Scotland

We have become a very healthy world; everyone is looking for ways to improve their eating, changing their habits and becoming fit and healthy. Not all of us enjoy spending hours in the gym using a bicycle that doesn’t go anywhere or pumping weights for hours on end, which is why mountain biking has become a top activity throughout the UK.

It’s no surprise that mountain biking has become popular here, we have some of the most beautiful landscapes, rolling hills and magnificent forests, the ideal places to ride, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy our fitness activity.


Wales is home to some of the most amazing mountain bike trails from the private forest of Coed Llandegla which offers some amazing trails for both new riders and those more experienced to Snowdonia, which is home to a wide selection of trails.

Builth Wells is one of the easier trails in Snowdonia, it spans twelve miles and is considered a moderate trail while Pengenffordd, also known as Black Mountains, is twenty eight miles of hard trails, definitely something for the more advanced cyclist.


Fort William in Scotland is a firm favourite for many mountain bike enthusiasts. This area is also home of the annual Mountain Bike World Cup, the trails are tough, the views are fantastic and the experience is second to none.



The Swinley Forest in Berkshire is 2,600 acres of pine forest where you can take your bicycles and ride all day. There are a number of trails to choose from including both beginner and advanced trails. The forest scenery is magnificent and this is one place where you can ride and enjoy your outdoor activity.


From the panoramic Yorkshire dales to the moors, Yorkshire is a beautiful place to ride your bike. Calderdale where you can find the Mary Towneley Loop is the most popular of the mountain bike trails with forty seven miles of trails to choose from.

Planning Your Trip

The UK is home to some of the most beautiful natural beauty and riding a bicycle through the forests, along the water’s edge or even through the quaint villages is a unique way to see the sights of the UK you haven’t seen before.

Before you make any plans you need to determine what type of trails are on offer, not all areas offer trails, but they have vast outdoor areas where you can ride for days, such as Dartmoor in Devon. Dartmoor doesn’t have dedicated mountain bike trails, but there are ample paths offering panoramic views as far as the eye can see.

Head to Cumbria, ride along the edge of Lake Windermere, ride to Grasmere and see the quaint town. What I always do is choose an area within the UK I haven’t seen before, book a hotel and then head out on my bike to experience the area first hand.

Of course you’ll need a good bicycle rack for your vehicle, to transport your bikes with ease and mountain bike insurance will ensure that you aren’t left having to replace your bike using your own money should something happen while on holiday.

If you have spent money on your bike to ensure you have the most sturdy and durable of all mountain bikes, sorted adequate insurance, made sure you can transport your bike safely and asked at the hotel if there is a secure place to store your bike then you are all set and ready to leave home for your two wheeled adventure.

But once you arrive, hop on your bike and get exploring, you’ll have a fantastic time wherever you choose to go in the UK.

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