12 Women’s Fitness Workouts

Womens Fitness Tips
Womens Fitness Tips

This workout video from Femme Fatale Fitness is perfect for toning bums, tums and thighs. These workouts will target those stubborn areas to reduce fat and tone muscles.

Warning: The sound is not good on this video, the trainer speaks quietly and the music is very loud! Nevertheless, it is worth watching to learn the correct form of the exercises below.

This workout is done as a circuit, you cycle through each exercise and if you are fit enough you repeat them all again. To start with work on going through the exercises just once. The video provides instructions on how many of each exerise to perform. You generally perform 8 to 12 of each exercise.

You can do these exercises at home or in the gym. Home workouts can be very effective and do not cost anything. Plus they can be done at any time of the day. No more gym memberships, no more excuses for not being able to get to the Pilates class. Get out your yoga mat, put on some music, and start working out!

All of these exercise use a customised sandbag. It is a “sand bag” fitness routine. A sandbag simply acts as a dead weight. It has some advantages over traditional barbells and dumbbells. For a start it is softer to you can hold it to your body more comfortably. It provides many grip options. Watch the burpee, press and squat combos at the end for the video to see how you can use it to effectively increase the intensity of a traditional bodyweight workout – the burpee.

  1. Clean to Reverse Lunge – works thighs and buttocks – a great leg strengthener
  2. Squat Presses – works thighs, buttocks and arms/shoulders – a combination exercise to burn more fat
  3. Single Leg Deadlifts – works the thighs and lower back and improve stability
  4. Shovelling – these work the core and simply mimic a shovelling movement. A simply twist and squat.
  5. Lateral Lunges – these focus on the thighs. Step wide and sink low for best results.
  6. Bent-over row to clean and press – clean and presses work the back, shoulders, arms, great for toning and strength
  7. Get-up Bridge – another excellent core strength exercise, similar to the Turkish Get Up. A fantastic core strength exercise.
  8. Sandbag Ab Isolation Exercise – works the abs of course! Really these are leg raises, but very effective at improving hip strength.
  9. Windmills – a core workout that is most often seen in kettlebell classes.
  10. Shoulder lunge press – complex movement that works the legs, shoulder and the stabilizing muscles.
  11. Around the world – works upper body and core, a very dynamic exercise.
  12. Marine Burpee and Squat – very intense workout that requires a good fitness level. A squat, squat thrust, leg split, then jump squat back. If you want to go really hardcore add a push up!






4 responses to “12 Women’s Fitness Workouts”

  1. John H. Aronson

    I lost 20lbs in 2 weeks. this weekend I had custard (made with heavy cream). She is AWESOME. In 2 more weeks I’ll be under 300lbs. I love you, Suzanne.

  2. Lisa

    I really enjoyed watching the workout video, a lot of good stuff on there. I used to take a kettle bell class which looks very similar to what you were doing in the video. Great workout that works out every part of the body!

  3. Good article. I’ve gotten good results with my clients having them do an advanced version of the burpee.

  4. BTT

    Can you explain how you do the advanced burpee please?

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