Full Body Workouts with a Body Sculpture BS1370

Body Sculpture BS1370
Body Sculpture BS1370 – Available from Amazon.co.uk

A Guest Post by Julie Montgomery.

I have long been on a search to find the perfect lower body workout. Like most women in my family I tend to put on weight mainly around my hips and thighs. While the top half of my body usually looks slim enough, from the waist down everything goes pear-shaped. Diet and weight loss is one thing, but I realise that the only way to keep my ‘womanly’ bits under control is exercise – and lots of it.

Best workout for your lower body

In my search for the perfect thighs and bum I’ve tried cycling, aerobic classes, squats, pretty much everything there is, I think. The first thing I can honestly say made a visible difference is the Body Sculpture BS1370. I got mine from Amazon.co.uk.

The Body Sculpture BS1370 was especially developed to shape the lower body and to give you a fun, effective workout. Having tried the Body Sculpture BS1370, I must agree.

Work those thighs!

The reason why the Body Sculpture BS1370 Twist Stepper is so good at working your thighs and buttocks is because of its climbing motion. It feels a bit like walking up the stairs but the movement is much softer and more pleasant. That’s because what you’re actually stepping on is a cushion of air.

Every time you put one foot down, the other one is lifted, forcing your body to move constantly. It looks difficult to keep your balance so I put it in my living room doorway the first time I tried it. Not necessary, as it turned out. I got the grasp of it almost instantly, bouncing up and down on my Body Sculpture BS1370 for about 20 minutes. Judging from the aches in my thighs and buttocks on the next day, my workout was effective!

Body Sculpture Exercises

There’s a whole range of routines you can do with Body Sculpture, varying in pace, difficulty and muscle groups involved.

  • Simple stepper – Step on the machine with both feet and push one of them, pressing down on the climber. Step up and down quickly with both feet and pick up the pace to burn more calories and shape your lower body.
  • Ab turn – stepping up and down on your stepper, bend your arms to the level of your waist. Turn your whole body to one side and then to the other. Body Sculpture BS1370 will add extra resistance to your movement, shaping your stomach muscles
  • Bicep Curls – You need to use your body cords for this, but they’re also included in the box. Hold both cords in your hands, arms fully extended, palms facing upwards. Bend your arms in the elbows, pulling your hands towards your shoulders. Repeat, while climbing rhythmically on the Body Sculpture BS1370.
  • Upright scrunches – hold the cords at the level of your shoulders, elbows bent. Once you’re steady on the Body Sculpture BS1370, lean your upper body forward and try lifting up again. You’ll be surprised how much better this works for your abs than normal scrunches on the floor.

So, to get your bum and thighs in shape before it’s time to show them off in summer shorts, get working out now. Trust me, you’ll be having so much fun you won’t even notice the time fly!






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