Zuzana’s Full Body Core Workout

Zuzana is a fitness instructor that has created several excellent full body core workouts for YouTube. She has an excellent figure with near perfectly toned abdominals. Anyone wanting to lose belly fat and tone up the abs should do these exercises.

Here we share 3 of her short video workouts. Do not be fooled by the length of these workouts, they may be short but they are intensive. Also Zuzana has edited the videos down, so the actual workouts are a little longer than we see here.

Upi can perform one of these every day or put them all together for one longer workout to perform a few times a week. Remember, just doing these workouts alone will not get you a body like Zuzana. She does a lot of exercise, and that includes daily cardio routines to burn off all excess fat as well as intensive weight training routines.

Full Body Core Workout Exercises 1

Supersets on a stability ball. Many people own a stability ball, few people work themselves to this level of intensity with it! Perform these supersets and you will be burning fat and toning muscles in no time.

Full Body Core Workout 2: Back and Chest

This is a great workout. Many women neglect to exercise the back and chest, fearing that they will become too muscular or too bulky. This is not the case though, a strong back and chest helps to support your whole body and make you look healthier and fitter. Also it improves posture so that you are less likely to become hunched as you grow older.

Lower Body Workout 3: Step Exercises

There are more core body workouts in the series, but these lower body exercises from Zuzana need a mention. Excellent for toning thighs and buttocks. You could possible do this workout every day. Combined with some regular cardio and a healthy diet this routine will certainly help you to tone your thighs and bum.

To see more of  Zuzana Light’s workouts visit her at www.bodyrock.tv. She is an inspiration to all women and is proof that working out at home can be extremely effective. No gym membership required!






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