Weight Management and Blood Sugar Level

Weight management is more than weight watching and has little to do with fast weight loss. For effective weight management you will also need to monitor blood sugar level and balance your hormones. Often it requires you to switch to a different diet and exercise plan, and change your lifestyle.

Here are the right things to do:

1) Consume three meals daily

For average person, 3 balanced meals is all it takes to last you all day. If the urge to snack cannot be resisted, try just small portions of nuts (not peanuts though) in between meals to fight off that hunger. Nuts are recommended as they stabilize your blood sugar and are rich with nutrients.

2) Do not miss a meal

Do not get into the habit of skipping meals. When your body senses that you are in starvation mode, your body will bring its metabolic rate to a lower gear.

3) Stay away from artificial sweeteners

The chemical reaction would cause the release of insulin into our body, which we don’t want.

4) Stay away from sodas and fruit juice

All carbonated beverages and fruit juice should stop, even if they are all natural. Sweet drinks are responsible for increase in your blood sugar, which in turn increases insulin production.

5) Begin an exercise routine

Exercise is important; it builds lean body tissues, gets rid of fat, regulates insulin and accelerates metabolic rate.

6) Stay away from processed foods

These are either sugar-laden or full of preservatives which are bad.

7) Eat healthy fats

Learn about the healthy fats like omega-3 oils. Lean meat, like fish and chicken without skin, is packed with protein. An ideal meal would be a good combination of lean meat and healthy fats.


A lifestyle of continual and consistent stress is also not healthy. When we are ‘stressed’, adrenaline (stress hormones) is released into our system, which then produces more sugar into our blood (think about the long gone days where our ancestors were able to scramble away when faced with catastrophe or grave danger).

Additionally it will also upset your efforts to keep your blood sugar low, like a healthy diet and exercise routine that are designed to do so. If you think you have been subjected to abnormally high stress because of some circumstances, try to monitor your stress level as you check your blood sugar level. When the finding points to some kind of direct relation, work on restoring your blood sugar level through proper diet and exercise regime, alongside with maintaining adequate and restful sleep and learn to stay easy.

In the final analysis, lower blood sugar can be achieved when we master these 3 natural things: healthy diet, regular exercise and adequate stress control. If you have tried and do not see a visible result within the following 3 months, it is recommended that you consult your doctor or go for the medication option.






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