Tired of the Gym? 3 Reasons to Try a Rock Wall

If you’re like me then your usual exercise routine involves your local gym, a bottle of water and a very bland 30 min on a certain treadmill. The problem with such a routine is that it is very easy to get bored just thinking about it, not push yourself during the workout, or convince yourself to skip yet another workout.

This is a problem many people have, we all know we should exercise, whether we’re trying to lose weight or whether we’re trying to just stay heart-healthy. If our exercise routines aren’t that enticing we are either not going to want to do them or not get the most out of them. And if “jazzercise” is for you, then it can be pretty difficult to find a fun workout.

Last week, I was having lunch with a friend from college and she told me all about a great climbing class that she and her husband just went to. They were in the same position as me, sick of just going to gym (probably not as much as either of them would care to admit). So they decided to use a Groupon for a local rock wall climbing class. No, this wasn’t some pro-climbers training course or anything, but it was enough to make them want to exercise. What were the three reasons that made them want to continue climbing?

Social Exercise

One of the best parts about rock climbing is that you need a partner. Most workout routines consist of isolated activity. Whether its being alone on a treadmill or elliptical with your headphones on, most workouts are done solo.

Climbing is different, its a social workout. Rock climbing is done in pairs with partners alternationg bewteen climbing and belaying. Each person takes turns and gains a different perspective and takes on different responsibilities. Climbing partners can instill confidence in one another and encourge each other to push themselves, an element missing from a solo treadmill run.

Endless Possibilities

Another thing they raved about was the endless array types and difficulties of climbs, each offering a new and different challenge. Unlike a treadmill, each rock wall offers many different paths to the top so you can select the right one for your level of fitness and ability. As you get better, it is easy to increase the difficulty of the climb and add new obstacles and challenges.

Total body workout

A great benefit of rock climbing is that it offers a total body workout. Unlike most exercises that target a specific muscle or muscle group, rock climbing worksout your entire body. Climbing exercises your fingers gripping the hold and your arms holding on to the wall, your core holding yourself steady and close to the climbing surface, your legs holding yourself up and your feet pushing off and gripping the holds. You will feel a whole body burn but don’t worry, you have time to rest and recover when its your turn to belay!

So my friend and her husband are planning on completely the 12-week class. What I’m saying is, a rock wall can be a great alternative to your regular gym activities. Try climbing today!

Top Rock Climbing Walls in the UK

There are many rock climbing walls in the UK, here are a selection of a few of the best from around the country:

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