Patsy Kensit’ Weight Loss Advice, Diet Tips and Exercise Routines

Patsy Kensit, most famous for her roles in Emmerdale and Lethal Weapon 2, has recently shared with the Daily Mail readers her struggle to control her weight in recent years.

Like many women Patsy maintained a healthy and slim figure for many years without really having to try too hard. But when she turned 30 all this changed. It was as if a switch inside her had been flipped and her fat burning body was suddenly transformed into a fat absorbing one.

Patsy’s Exercise Workouts

Patsy stays in shape now by working out on a regular basis. She also loves to go walking or jogging and can often been seen running through the streets of Hampstead where she lives.

Also in 2010 Patsy appeared on Strictly Come Dancing and soon learned to burn off a few more calories by practising dance routines all day long. She admitted that she lost around 6 pounds within a few weeks of starting on Strictly Come Dancing, and this change gave her more confidence and she felt physically stronger and more agile at the same time.

Organic and Gluten Free Diet

Patsy now eats a lot of fresh, organic food and is also on a gluten free diet. Gluten is found in wheat and similar grasses such as barley and rye. So she no longer eats any wheat products, which includes bread, pasta, cakes and biscuits. Gluten is often found in other processed products such as ice-cream and tomato sauce as it is used as a stabiliser.

In addition to her organic veg and gluten free diet she also is a great fan of aloe vera juice. She drinks aloe vera every day before she eats her main meals. She says that the main reason for drinking it is to keep her bowels regular, something which helps to improve health and possibly weight too.

Patsy is now involved in helping others to get fit. She has been working with Play England on a campaign to improve child activity areas and playgrounds in public parks to encourage more families to get outside for active play.

Patsy Kensit is a great example to other mums. She is now in her early forties and has had 2 children. She manages to stay in great shape with a healthy diet that is not too restrictive, combined with regular exercise which is not too intensive. She is just living a healthy lifestyle, exactly as all people should follow.







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