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  • 10 Rules to Help You Lose Weight

    Getting in shape is about combining a regular fitness workouts with a healthy diet and lifestyle. When you are young you may get away with just exercise or just eating healthily, but as we grow a little older the body becomes more resistant to the subtle approach and you need to take a stronger stance […]

  • Weight Management and Blood Sugar Level

    Weight management is more than weight watching and has little to do with fast weight loss.

  • Brazilian Dance Workouts To Tone and Firm

    There is no doubt that dancing is an excellent way to get fit, and one of the most energetic and fun forms of dancing is the Brazilian style. Brazil is home to the Samba, a fast and vigorous dance that requires speed and strength as well as good cardiovascular fitness. Dancing works the thighs, buttocks […]

  • Aerobic Fitness – Chair Exercise for Tums & Bums

    Here we provide good general information and advice for people wishing to start taking exercise for the first time. Exercising for the first time, or returning to exercise after a long break, can be quite a daunting prospect for some people. We feel it is best to start simple, so suggest a regime that includes […]

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