Loose Women Do Towel Workouts

Today Loose Women featured a fitness expert Ross Edgley who demonstrated some towel workouts earlier in the day. There are many ways to use a towel as part of a workout. From using it to help perform jumps, stretches and stability exercises to using 2 towels to slide across wooden floors using mountain climbers, there are many ways to get fit with a towel.

Before performing these workouts it is best to warm up with some simple lateral and forward/back jumps over your towel, plus some towel overhead squats (hold towel above your head with straight arms while squatting).

Towel Workouts on a Wooden Floor

These guys do a great full body workout that hits the core, upper body and legs well.

Towel Workouts With Your Partner

This workout takes you through 5 classic weight training exercises, but they are done by using your partner for resistance rather than using weights. Each parter performs a different exercise at the same time. Switch roles after each exercise. Exercises include the assisted row/ sits ups, chest press / rows, shoulder presses / pull downs, arm curls, triceps extensions


Beach Towel Workout

No excuses for not getting fit and staying fit all summer. Exercise on the beach made easy. Here a fitness instructors from Canada displays his own towel workout. Much more intensive with plyometric push ups, dips, leg raises, one leg squats. Really this is more a beach chair workout than a beach towel workout, but good all the same.






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  1. BTT

    Loose Women Learn How To Laugh Your Belly Off!

    Loose Women were back after this to look at the idea of losing weight by laughing!

    On Loose Women today there was a very slim lady who is a professional laughter for weight loss expert. Not sure what the correct term is.

    She explained to the Loose Women how laughter works the muscles to help burn fat. A good belly laugh also helps tone stomach muscles.

    Children can laugh several hundred times a day but as adults we stop laughing, often only laughing a few times. When the fun of life is lost, we get fat!

    How to Laugh

    The trick is to follow some exercises that mimic laughing and then encourage you to laugh. Her motto for laughing is fake it, fake it until you make it.

    Laughing Exercise 1

    Start with your hands on your tummy and breath in then do a big “ha ha ha ha” followed by a deep “ho ho ho ho” laugh in the style of Father Christmas.

    Laughing Exercise 2

    Then hold out each hand in front, as if you are holding a big jug of beer / water. Pour the imaginary contents from one jug to the other while doing the belly laugh – “ho ho ho” – and then pour back into the first mug with a “oooooooh!” sound of surprise, and repeat.

    Laughing Exercise 3

    The final stage is to down the imaginary jug of beer with a big belly laugh, leaning back and slapping your side with your other hand.

    Do all these several times in a group and soon you will be laughing for real and burning off calories. So get laughing! Laugh yourself thin.

  2. BTT

    If you watch Loose Women you may have noticed that Denise Welch has gained a lot of weight in the last few weeks. She has told viewers that this is as a result of binge eating – she has been going through some troubling times and as a been snacking on comfort foods almost constantly.

    In the past she has battled with depression, something that she openly talks about on the show. However, it seems that she may be suffering again. We are not sure exactly why she is eating so much, but many people that become depressed do combat this with emotional eating.

    Binge eating becomes a bigger problem as we get older. For younger people that exercise on a regular basis, the effects of overeating can quickly be reversed with a quick diet and more exercise. However, as people get older and less fit their metabolism slows down and reversing weight gain becomes a greater struggle.

    However, saying that, it is still very possible to lose weight at any age. Sir Anthony Hopkins recently lost a lot of weight, proving that age does not stop you from eating a healthy diet and exercising.

    Denise’s weight issues are really just further proof that weight gain is a result of eating and not a lack of exercise. The only way to control weight is to control diet, it is a matter of mind over matter, being strong willed. Unfortunately depression rips people of their willpower and all that is left is desire to gain momentary satisfaction that only food and drink can provide.

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