How Facebook Can Help You To Lose Weight

With over 750 million users worldwide, Facebook has completely changed the way we socialise and interact with one another and now it is looking to change the way we look too.

Facebook and the Apps Race

Since launching in 2004, Facebook has never struggled to keep up with the ever evolving world of technology and it now performs numerous functions on a daily basis.

Facebook first launched its own apps available through the site in 2007. Since then, apps have been growing in popularity day by day, with companies and individual developers all creating their own systems.

Facebook and Dieting

Thanks to technology, diet books have almost become a thing of the past. Many apps now give users the opportunity to build their knowledge of diet plans and workouts, helping them to lose as much weight as possible.

On top of the apps which are available through Facebook, the ability to connect with other dieters is also seen as a huge benefit for those looking to lose weight. This network ensures that those on diets get the encouragement and support they need to stay on track, giving them a convenient and easily accessible form of contact with businesses and other dieting individuals.

Facebook offers a vast number of services to aid those who are dieting, some examples of which are listed below:

My Diet: This Facebook application is connected to an external dieting site, allowing some of their best features to be accessed via the Facebook website.

The service is a diet plan app that gives users the opportunity to keep track of their diet by creating a profile that states their target weight. This can be updated regularly to create a ‘diet journey’. Facebook friends and other users of the app can interact with one another, offering advice and discussing any diet issues.

Groups: Other popular ways of losing weight through Facebook include creating or following diet planning groups.

Currently there are hundreds of groups dedicated to diet planning available on Facebook, giving users a wealth of choice.

Followers can receive food and exercise advice online. This covers topics such as monitoring food intake, setting achievable goals, counting calories, counting liquid calories, food portion control, stress eating and physical activity.

Podcasts: Facebook podcasts have also proven popular with group followers, giving them weekly advice and tips about diet plans and regular exercise.

These can see nutritionists teaching users how to resist the temptation of snack of ‘junk’ foods, improving their nutrition and helping them to lose weight.

Dieters can also receive daily messages to encourage their diet plans, helping them stick to their goals and resist those dreaded diet demons.

Rachel Vickers is an experienced blogger and regular Facebook user. Through her experience with these systems Rachel has identified a number of key trends and features. She likes to focus her blogs about how Facebook users now utilise the platform to help with the plans.






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