Healthy Weight Loss Exercises

It is time to review at home exercise plans. Since discovering kettlebell workouts I have increased my range of weight loss and fitness exercises that I can do at home. Since many women really are short of time, what with work and family commitments, this home workout is designed to be fast and intensive while also burning calories and toning the whole body.

You will need just a kettlebell to do this, although you can manage with a dumbbell.

The Healthy Weight Loss Exercise Workout

The first exercises are done to start warming up, but are repeated. Ideally you will perform routine 3-4 times in one session. If so start slow and increase intensity. After 50 squats and 60 seconds of star jumps you should be warmed up well enough to start the main exercises.

  • Squat for 1 minute – aim for around 50 bodyweight squats. Remember to squat the bum down, do not allow the knees to go beyond the line of the toes.
  • Star jumps for 1 minute – around 60-80 depending on speed you can manage. If you can only do 30 to start with it is OK.
  • Kettlebell Twists – hold the kettlebell to your chest and twist the upper body from left to right. Be careful not to twist below the waist, keep the legs steady and knees slightly bent to avoid twisting at the knees.
  • Kettlebell Swings – keeping the back straight and squatting low, swinging the kettlebell from between the legs to head height. Aim for 50 swings.
  • Kettlebell Rows – bent over lift the kettlebell to your outside rib area and return. Perform on each side. Perform 10 on each side.
  • Kettlebell Curls – standing up straight with the kettlebell held at wasit height, curl up to your chest and return. Perform 10 on each side.
  • Burpees – Now that you legs have had a rest from the last 3 exercises, time to work them again. This time the classic old school burpee exercise. From standing up straight, squat down to the floor, place hands on floor shoulder width apart, then kick your feet back so that you are in the push up position. “Squat thrust” the feet back to under the body and then stand up. Repeat for 1 minute.
  • Push ups – Either full or knee push ups, perform as many as you can in 1 minute.
  • Leg Raises – Lie on your back on the floor and grasp a sturdy table leg or chair behind your head. Then lift your feet up to the sky, hold and return. Do not touch the floor with your heels. Lift again.
  • Back Extensions – Roll over on to your front, then with your hands by your temples, lift your torso off the floor, look forward, then lower.
  • The Plank – In a push up position lower on to your forearms and hold. Keep your body straight and abs engaged.

Watch the video here to see how the kettlebell exercises are done. If you do not have a kettlebell then these exercises can be done with a dumbbell. For safety reasons start with a light kettlebell. Many women start with 4 or 6 kg. You can also do these exercises with no weight at all if you wish. The swings and twists will still work the thighs, hips and core muscles. For curls you could use a 3 litre plastic bottle filled with water to create a 3 kg weight.

Work through the exercises once, twice or as many times as you can. Or increase the number or each exercise you do, or the time you exercise for.

So long as you aim to keep doing more you will get fitter and stronger and so will lose weight.

Caroline Sandry Workout Routines

Caroline Sandry is the main presenter of the new Y Plan Body Confidence Fitness DVD which we reviewed the other day.

Caroline has shared several workouts with us on YouTube. Her core fitness skills are in Pilates, but she provides a wide range of fitness and toning advice. Although these videos do not go into the same level of detail as the DVD, they do provide some good workout ideas to get you started with a new home fitness routine.

Shape Up II Warm Up Workout

This first video workout provides a gentle warmup to do before you start a more intensive routine. The exercises at the end provide a good arm workout too. Warming up the muscles is important to help reduce risk of injury. You will see some classic aerobic movements plus some inspired from yoga and Pilates.

Pilates with Caroline Sandry

This short video shows Caloline Sundry going through some core Pilates exercises that work the core and tone the body.

Ultralates with Caroline Sandry

Ultralates is a unique combination of more intensive movements with Pilates. Ultralates takes body toning to new levels. Caroline says that 8 sessions will leave you feeling better and fitter. It uses some classic bodyweight circuit training exercises such as squats, push ups and crunches. This video only shows a few short clips of the sorts of exercises that are performed.

All of her best movements can be found on her latest Y Plan Body Confidence Fitness DVD






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