Brazilian Dance Workouts To Tone and Firm

Brazilian Dance Workouts To Tone and FirmThere is no doubt that dancing is an excellent way to get fit, and one of the most energetic and fun forms of dancing is the Brazilian style. Brazil is home to the Samba, a fast and vigorous dance that requires speed and strength as well as good cardiovascular fitness. Dancing works the thighs, buttocks and the core – it is the ideal women’s fitness workout to help shape and tone.

Would you prefer to sit on a stationary bicycle in your living room for 45 minutes, or turn your home into a mini Rio carnival scene, with Samba blasting from your home cinema, while you dance the night away to classic Brazilian tunes and get fit in the process?

One of the best dance fitness DVD’s on the market at the moment is Vanessa Isaac’s Brazilian Dance Workout. This dance workout is a mixture of the most popular dances in Brazil at the moment, namely the Samba, Samba Reggae, African, Axé and Frevo.

  • Shape Magazine described it as “An exhilarating total body workout.
  • Fit Magazine said “What a joyous, fun workout Vanessa Isaac has put together-you can feel her passion for dance…
  • Weight Watchers Magazine gave it the thumbs up too: “ideal for those who like to shake it while burning major calories.

These fun and energetic workouts are such a great way to get in shape. You never have to feel like you are doing a workout again. Every night after the kids have gone to bed you can dance the evening away, have fun and burn a lot of calories. The moves ensure that you work your whole body from the head, through your core to your toes.

The workouts are varied and exciting too. You should never get bored with a Brazilian Dance Workout. Imagine that you are on the beaches of Rio dancing the nights away with all your friends and family. Have fun, get fit, be healthy and dance!






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