Aerobic Fitness – Chair Exercise for Tums & Bums

Here we provide good general information and advice for people wishing to start taking exercise for the first time. Exercising for the first time, or returning to exercise after a long break, can be quite a daunting prospect for some people.

We feel it is best to start simple, so suggest a regime that includes some running, circuit training, and aerobics.

Aerobics does not only refer to aerobic exercise classes, but all forms of exercise which increase heart rate and respiration to the extent that the heart and lungs are working much harder than usual.

This leads to improvements in the heart and lung’s health and also general strengthening and toning of muscles.

Chair Exercise for Tums & Bums

Circuit training is an excellent way to improve fitness and strength, as it is traditionally a set of aerobic and strength training exercises that are carried out at stations around a gym, sports hall or in a martial arts class. Circuit training has many forms, and can be done with just calisthenics routines or using free weights and machines. Circuit training classes often incorporate exercises from different schools such as yoga and pilates as well as classic exercises such as press ups, skipping and sprinting. Interval training can also be done as a form of circuit training.

Pilates, also know as the Pilates Method, has become increasing popular in the last decade as the popularity of health clubs has increased. The exercises are taken from various schools, especially yoga and various hybrids have been developed, such as “yogalates”.

Martial arts are a great way to get fit and healthy. There are many styles to choose from and many clubs provide a great social environment in which to exercise. Martial arts can provide both physical training and exercise as well as mental training, as many of the forms and sparring, help to develop an alert mind. Many classes also provide a healthy form of discipline, which can aid children’s social development.

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise. The human body is very well adapted to water as our density is very similar to that of water. This means that when swimming the body is supported in the water placing less stress on bones and joints. Swimming is a good way for people to recover from an injury too, or to keep fit during pregnancy. Aqua-aerobics is a popular form of exercise done in water, which mimics swimming motions in shallow water.

Bodybuilding involves building muscle purely for aesthetic purposes. A bodybuilders training routine differs from that of athletes, as they need to increase muscle size and definition rather than core strength. Fat loss is essential to maintain perfectly formed muscles. Bodybuilding requires very strict diet.

Running is probably one of the simplest forms of exercise that can be done. No equipment is required and subscriptions to gyms are not needed – just get some good shoes and run.

We will be covering all of these different exercises as we slowly build this site (remember, it is new!)






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