10 Rules to Help You Lose Weight

Getting in shape is about combining a regular fitness workouts with a healthy diet and lifestyle. When you are young you may get away with just exercise or just eating healthily, but as we grow a little older the body becomes more resistant to the subtle approach and you need to take a stronger stance on your health regime.

However, we still believe that losing weight and staying in great shape is as much about making small lifestyle changes as it is about eating healthy food and taking regular exercise. With that in mind, here are 10 simple rules that can really help you to lose weight and tone up. You do not need have to follow them all, but the more you do the healthier, and fitter, you will be.

  1. Alcohol is allowed but not while you eat. When you drink while eating you stop thinking about your food and are more likely to eat too much.
  2. Grazing throughout the day is OK so long as you always follow the rules. Snacking is good for you and a great way to keep metabolism high and hunger at bay, but only if you snack on healthy food and do not overindulge.
  3. Do not eat breakfast if you are not hungry. Breakfast is still important, but only eat what you need. So often people pile into a massive breakfast because they read somewhere that they should eat breakfast like a King. If you are not hungry, don’t eat it.
  4. Eat when you are hungry. This actually keeps metabolism at a high. Back to eating. Yes, eat when you are hungry. Reprogram your body to tell you when you need food and when you are full. Do not starve yourself as this lowers metabolism and then leads to over eating.
  5. Never put your work first – your health should always come first. Look after your health, eat healthy at work, and do not skip meals just because the boss wants more work from you. You have rights.
  6. Stop thinking of yourself as being overweight, instead imagine what you are becoming – fitter and healthier. Be positive about yourself and your future.
  7. Every day plan the day ahead to make sure you do not risk slipping off the weight loss wagon. By planning your day you avoid falling into traps along the way.
  8. Still eat mostly low sugar foods from the low GI food list. Low GI food makes putting on weight much harder as the carbohydrates are digested slowly and the energy released slowly. There is less excess energy to convert to fat.
  9. Drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated and ward off hunger. So often people confuse thirst with hunger. Avoid this by staying hydrated. Being hydrated not only reduces hunger but also improves concentration, keeps the skin fresh, is good for digestion and general wellbeing and is a calorie free alternative to every other drink in the World. Water is the only calorie free drink.
  10. Enjoy your food. Do not become a slave to your new diet. Enjoy the foods you eat.






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